New Home – Built Green Program

Built Green is an industry driven voluntary program that promotes “green” building practices to reduce the impact that building has on the environment. It benefits the homebuyer, the community and the environment and is an opportunity for everyone to choose a “green” future. The Built Green™ Program adds value to new home construction by promoting and recognizing the use of practices and products that represent resource-efficient and environmentally friendly construction.

There are many benefits of a Built Green™ home for all stakeholders: home buyers, industry members and sponsors. Home buyers can expect to see:

  1. Lower fuel/energy and water costs
  2. Indoor air quality addressed
  3. Increased comfort
  4. Lower maintenance costs
  5. Increased market and resale value
  6. Lower environmental impact


Section 7-6 requirements on low flow faucets have been relaxed.

ENERGY STAR has discontinued its labeling of programmable thermostats, and the wording of the Built Green Checklist has been modified accordingly.


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