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52 Ways to Reduce Your Emissions

  1. Maintain proper tire inflation for your car; check your tires weekly.
  2. Insulate your house.
  3. Conserve heat by caulking around vents and window and door frames, sills, and joints (and any objects that penetrate exterior walls).
  4. Plug gaps around pipes, ducts, fans and vents that go through walls, ceilings and floors from heated to unheated spaces.
  5. Install weather-stripping on windows, doors, and attic hatches.
  6. Apply shrink-film to windows and glass doors.
  7. Move furniture, rugs, and drapes away from air grills and heating vents so that heat can circulate efficiently throughout the home.
  8. Install energy-efficient windows.
  9. Install heavy curtains on windows and glass doors to keep in the heat.
  10. On sunny days, open south facing drapes and let the sun in, a natural source of heat. If you have large windows that don’t receive direct sun, keep the drapes closed.
  11. Close your drapes and blinds at night.
  12. 12. Close the damper in your wood-burning fireplace, and ensure that the damper fits properly, so heat does not escape out the chimney.
  13. Turn down the heat in your home by two degrees in the winter (and save on home cooling by turning it up by two degrees in the summer).
  14. Turn down the heat by three to five degrees Celsius at night and while on vacation.
  15. Turn off the heat in your garage, and turn it on only prior to using it.
  16. Install an Energy Star programmable thermostat.

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  • The average home can save over $700 per year in utility costs.
  • Over 25 years, this can add up to over $17,500.00! (Nrcan Sept 2009)

How do you do it?

  1. Have a home energy assessment, Your report will tell you the most effective retrofits.
  2. Retrofit -most common items are insulation in attics, walls, basements and crawl spaces, replace furnaces and water heaters with Energy Star qualified models.
  3. Make your home more airtight, and ensure proper ventilation systems are installed.
  4. Post-retrofit energy assessment, we will return to your home and confirm all upgrades, then we will fill out grant application paperwork for you!

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52 Ways to Reduce Your Emissions

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