Home Energy Assessments for your home upgrades

Hometech Energy Solutions will provide you with the needed assessments to access rebates through the Canada Greener Homes program.  You will require a Home Energy Assessment before the work begins and a second assessment afterwards.  Your Energy Advisor will be actively involved in your application to the Canada Greener Homes program in addition to completing two home assessments.  Energuide reports will be provided to you in the weeks after each assessment that will help you understand how your home consumes energy and to help you decide how to upgrade your home to maximize energy efficiency.  Your Energy Advisor will also highlight which upgrades may be eligible for current rebates.  To get started in the Canada Greener Homes program, see the STEPS below.

Energy Advisors will also be able to provide information regarding the provincial CleanBC rebate program, however homeowners will need to complete the CleanBC process on their own.  CleanBC is a partnership between BCHydro, Fortis Gas and the Provincial Government, and details are available here:

Please also note that many cities, municipalities, and districts have rebate programs for home upgrades.  Be sure to navigate to the website for your area for more details.  Rebate programs through your local government are also completed separately by each homeowner. 

What are the steps of the Canada Greener Homes Program?

Step 1

Ensure you qualify for Canada Greener Homes and complete the application.
Details are available here

You can also contact us at this time to schedule an assessment or request a phone call to discuss the program.  When applying to Canada Greener Homes, be sure to choose HOMETECH Energy Solutions as your service organization.


Step 2

The PRE-RETROFIT home assessment:  A Certified Energy Advisor will attend your home to collect the information needed to calculate your home’s energy usage, which includes a blower-door test to measure and identify air leakage.  At that time, your Energy Advisor will need access to the attic, the crawlspace, any heating and hot water systems, and also any secondary suites that are within the same building.  In preparation for the assessment, please ensure there are no ashes in your fireplace or woodstove.

Within 4 weeks of the home visit, your Energuide reports will be provided.


Step 3

Contact professionals and contractors to complete the desired upgrades.  We recommend getting 2 or 3 quotes for any upgrade you are planning.

Step 4

After the work is done, contact your energy advisor to schedule the POST-RETROFIT home assessment.  Your energy advisor will need access to any of the upgrades that were completed and will need a copy of your paid invoice for each upgrade.  Another blower-door test will need to be completed at this time as well.  In the weeks after the home visit you will receive updated Energuide reports reflecting the change in energy usage as a result of your upgrades.  This information will be loaded into your application by your Energy Advisor, and you will be invited to review it.  Then wait for your Canada Greener Homes rebate to arrive.

To ensure the quickest rebates, gather your paid invoices for all upgrades and have them ready for your Post-retrofit assessment.  Your Energy Advisor will need to take a picture of them or you may be able to email them to your Advisor.  The processing of rebates will not occur until the paid invoice is received.  This needs to be the one that shows you have fully paid for the upgrade and a balance of $0.